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Rarity fighting a giant crab
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Whatsapokemon's Art summary for 2014 by Whatsapokemon
Whatsapokemon's Art summary for 2014
The end of 2014, phew. It's been longer than I remembered, looking through all this stuff.
There were a few months where I didn't have many options to pick from, and some where I had too many choices.

I have a surprising number of OCs in here, but I don't regret it cause I had fun. Isn't that what art's all about?
Have a happy 2015 everyone, may you do lots of art!

January tumblr mzyaalaw7Z1rqaqoqo2 r1 1280    February…
March April…
May Rainbow Power Super Saiyan   June…
July Jade doesn't like spiders   August…
September…   October
November…   December…
ALL OF THEM - NATGIV Day 15 by Whatsapokemon

Day 15 - Draw any previous theme/Draw every previous theme


  1. Draw a pony standing still/Draw a pony posing
  2. Draw a pony movin’/Draw a pony groovin’
  3. Draw a pony in the snow/Draw a pony bundled up!
  4. Draw a pony stepping up/Draw a pony looking down
  5. Draw a pony wrapping up Autumn/Draw a pony falling.
  6. Pony Legend/ A Pony Larger Than Life
  7. Draw a pony taking a break/Draw a pony settling down
  8. Draw a pony caroling/Draw a pony spreading cheer.
  9. Draw a pony skiing/Draw a pony winter game!
  10. Draw a pony decorating/Draw a pony wrapping
  11. Draw a pony stretching/Draw a pony on thin ice
  12. Draw a pony by the hearth/Draw a pony enjoying cocoa.
  13. Draw a pony traveling/Draw a pony family.
  14. Draw a pony celebrating/Draw a triumphant pony. 
Maud's Happy Face - NATGIV Day 14 by Whatsapokemon
Maud's Happy Face - NATGIV Day 14

Day 14 - Draw a pony celebrating/Draw a triumphant pony.

This is maud celebrating.

Shhh, it didn’t say I had to be original.

So, this weekend is PonyConAU!
If anyone is gonna be in town you should stop by, it's probably gonna be a lot of fun for people who aren't sitting behind a table all day.
Speaking of which, I'm gonna be sitting behind a table all day. The reason for this is that I will be selling buttons and prints (so long as I can actually get the prints tomorrow, I got a buttload of buttons though).

Lookit how pretty they are!
tumblr mzyaalaw7Z1rqaqoqo2 r1 1280 by Whatsapokemon

tumblr mzyaalaw7Z1rqaqoqo3 r1 1280 by Whatsapokemon

Flutterscorp Print by Whatsapokemon Derpy Mistakes by Whatsapokemon Bigmac Applebloom Teehee by Whatsapokemon

So yeah, if you happen to be in Melbourne I guess I'll see you there!


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i love your work keep it up!
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Saw one of your comic on a FB page I follow and I thought it looked really cool!
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Why is your icon pony perpetually wide-eyed like it's being threatened? It's really starting to FREAK ME OUT, MAN. I'M FREAKING OUT!
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Because she IS perpetually being threatened…
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thanks for creating the hole rarity vs crab thing :)
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